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Frequently Asked Questions

​General Wedding Questions:

  1. How much do you charge? Pricing depends on date, location, services and timeframe requested. 

  2. How many team members do you have on staff during our wedding or event? 1-3 team membersdepending on venue and services requested.

  3. How many vendors meals should we provide? 1-3 team members depending on venue and services requested.

  4. Do you require coverage for your DJ setup and sound system at outdoor events or weddings? Yes, we do require coverage for outdoors. You are welcome to provide your on tent or tent rental. However, have a tent available for rent as well.

  5. Do your packages have all the sound equipment we'll need or do we need to provide any equipment ourselves?

  6. How many microphones are provided in your packages?

  7. Which parts of Hawaii do you accommodate? Oahu, Maui, and Kona side of Big Island

  8. Are we able to communicate during the planning process with updates and changes?

  9. Are we able to book calls during planning process as well?

  10. Do we need to provide a timeline & layout? If so, what does it need to include?

  11. Do you mainly do local weddings or destination?

Booking Related Questions:

  1. How much is the deposit payment?

  2. Do you offer a payment plan?

  3. Is our deposit nonrefundable?

  4. Is it possible to reschedule our event date if needed?


Free Advice:

  1. Should we spend money on a wedding planner or day-of coordinator?

  2. Should we get transportation to our wedding?

  3. What's one great piece advice for outdoor weddings?

  4. What are the best months to have an outdoor wedding in Hawaii?

About Hunter:

  1. What type of events do you accommodate?

  2. How long has Hunter been performing at events and weddings?

  3. Is this his full time job?

  4. How long has been DJing?

  5. What is his musical background?

  6. How many weddings has Hunter performed at?

  7. What is his DJ style?

  8. Does he mix songs together?

  9. What is his MC style?

  10. Does Hunter talk a lot on the mic and/or say cheesy jokes?

  11. Can he create program song edits for us?

  12. Does Hunter also believe in the power of marriage?

  13. Where did you have your own wedding?

  14. Do you play the same music every wedding?

  15. Are you able to DJ all or most genres?

  16. Will you play whatever songs we want to have at our wedding?

  17. Can guests requests songs?

  18. Do you work well with introverted or shy couples?

  19. What do you wear for weddings normally?

  20. What does Hunter do in his free time for fun?

  21. What are his personal favorite genres of music?

  22. Who are some of your most favorite musicians, bands or DJs?

  23. How long has Hunter lived in Hawaii?

  24. Where did Hunter grow up?

About Photo Booth:

  1. How many prints does it come with?

  2. Is it an iPad camera or something higher end?

  3. Do you have backdrops available?

  4. Do you have props available?

  5. Do get the digital copies are our wedding?

  6. Will there be someone to assist us at the photo booth?

About our Reception Sound & Lighting:

  1. How many guests are you able to accommodate?

  2. How many wireless microphones come with your packages?

  3. What is Uplighting?

  4. Do you need a tent or coverage for outdoor events?

About Ceremonies:

  1. How many mics are provided?

  2. Are live musicians able to plug in to the ceremony sound system?

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